Women Who Kite: the 10% of Kiteboarding

15 April 2014

It’s no secret that kiteboarding is a male-dominated sport. Data suggests that as many as 90% of the kiteboarders in the US are men. At some beaches female riders are so rare that it can be a complete novelty when a woman does show up. Among many male kiteboarders there seems to be a perception that kiteboarding is not a well-suited sport for women and that’s why there are so few of them out on the water. They’re not strong enough. They’re afraid of the power. It takes them too long to learn. It’s been my experience that those perceptions are completely untrue and women who get into kiting do just as well if not better than men. Even so it’s easy to notice that female kiteboarders can be subjected to an additional set of challenges that most men never think about including unwanted over-attention on the beach and a pervasive lack of respect for their skills.

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